Coupler And Connector For Reliable And Seamless Optical Fiber Connection

Most of the business, organizations and companies have become completely digitalized. Due to the advantages of networking, many companies use networking to connect each terminal to the server through which each terminal can be regulated easily. Likewise internet is one of the great sources these days used for personal and commercial purposes. Internet is also a huge network that spreads to wide area throughout the world. Though the internet connections have become satellite and wireless, the cables are needed to connect internet in the network to all the terminals of a network.


When it comes to networking and cabling, fiber optics is the key aspect because it is an advanced technology used for data transmission in a faster rate with less data loss. Fiber optics is used in data transmission and for communication. Different set of devices are used in the network that uses fiber optics cabling and fiber optics technology. In the optical fiber systems the inputs and the output will be one or more. In such system, a device called Optic Mid Coupler is used for distribution. This coupler is used both in the input and output side for one or more input and also for one or more output.

Fiber System

The type of optic coupler will change as per the type of fiber system used. The light entering in to the input fiber will appear at the output in one channel or more channels. The distribution of the power of the light depends on the polarization and the wavelength. Usually there will be issue to connect two inputs in to single output moreover it is not possible. In such case the optic coupler is used to combine the two inputs of same frequency to single output.

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